Jepsen-testing RabbitMQ [with python] – Part 2

This is the second post about my efforts to reproduce the Jepsen RabbitMQ test (using python). The first one failed to reproduce data loss by cutting the network in half the same way every time. Here I’ll try different partitioning schemes. Random blockade partitions First, let’s try the blockade’s random partitions: [crayon-5b7c16bd91c27452646676/] This is implemented as a nemesis in Running the ...

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Jepsen-testing RabbitMQ [with python]

UPDATE: the code is now available on GitHub In this post I’ll tell you about trying to reproduce the Jepsen RabbitMQ test (using python, not clojure). It’s been more than 2 years since the test, and rabbitmq went from 3.3 to 3.6 meanwhile, so I was wondering if anything’s different these days (end of 2016). Messaging is a legit communication pattern, as ...

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Noise in fashion

Tug of War

This is a real story. It happened in a small but cozy open office. 10 IT professionals made their living there. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. It  looked like a one big, happy family. They went to lunch together, drank their coffees, hang out after work. Just like in all other families, occasionally there would be a heated discussion. ...

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Branding as an unfair advantage

unfair-competition SUMO

There was an interesting point made at the previous Zürich Lean Startup meetup event (slides are available here), Michael Wiedemann argued branding could be used as an unfair advantage. If you’re not familiar, the concept was introduced by Ash Maurya in his book Running Lean (quoting Jason Cohen): A real unfair advantage is one that cannot easily be copied or bought. There’re few examples mentioned in the book, ...

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In dubio pro reo

australian open 2015 ceremony

If defending the weak, the poor and the oppressed is noble, than what is defending the strong, the rich and the successful? The answers might range from unnecessary, if you don’t want to insult me, to something like naïve or plain dumb. Whatever it may be, I’ll try here to do exactly that. With the first gran slam of the season behind ...

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Smashing CouchBase

You might remember year 2k for Bill Gates stepping down as CEO (and promoting Steve Balmer), American Beauty winning 5 Oscars, liberation of Lebanon after 22 years of Israeli occupation, end of RSA patent, Bill Clinton becoming the first U.S. president to visit Vietnam, and I will certainly remember it for the Bulldozer Revolution in my country which lead to the resignation of Slobodan ...

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Tasting first CouchBase

man jumps on sofa

Abstract In this post I’ll tell you about installing and using CouchBase in a test-first manner. Wiping out all the data between tests turned out to be very slow – 4s per test [MB-7965], and for anything but key lookups indexes have to be used, so the elephant is still in the room. CouchBase’s async nature makes setting up testing ...

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